About Us


SOCIETY FOR ECONOMIC RESEARCH & WELFARE ACTIVITY organization has established in May 04 2006 and registered under Section 1973 (Society Reg. No.“01/01/0116364/06”).


Our organization started it works from grass-root level and then gradually going up to address other groups who will be the beneficiary in the project or take holders. We have associated with Science, Economic and Value Addition concept which is basically the need of the citizens. We have the entire Basic infrastructure to achieve the goals and objectives of the project. We have done several work towards the Ladies and Children to make them economically self sufficient in every field. We are presently doing work in Madhya Pradesh. We are going to the Industries based rehabilitation work for those who are basically depends on and around Industrial Estate. In which we will be given Practical Training and find out the potentiality of those person. We then assist to provide market to them so that they will make their product and generate revenue for upgrade their life style. We have established information cell for the mass to get any type of information at any time. We have also an advisory Board, which is entitled to give support in the planning level. Advisory board consists of retired bureaucrats, judiciary members, academician, research scholars and social workers. We try to keep the surroundings in a positive and upbeat manner and work with an attitude of social service and the intent of aiding the people around. Our society is involved in social and civic activities which can prove influential in making a positive difference in the lives of the individuals around the world. We have a technical support service group to handhold rural entrepreneur to support enterprise to generate revenue to build a strong economic livelihood. As a strategy, society concentrates on building local capacity, ensuring information and technology availability and enhancing linkages to development infrastructure like employment generation, market, health, environment and education etc. We have undertake to every household of the poorest regions sufficiently empowered to live a joyful life with all their entitlements realized in an Informed Society through the rapid development of ICT.