Welcome to SERWA Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre

SERWA ADR Centre is an Mediation Center which gives options for the parties to settle their issues. Parties with a genuine dispute may contact the Centre directly or through “Register A Case” option to get their issues registered for been compromised and settled. The Centre is supported by a vibrant panel consisting of eminent personalities drawn from diverse backgrounds and socially reputed, that will assist the parties to make them compromise and settle their disputes to satisfaction of both. An agreement shall be reached by the parties on settlement of the issue which is legally valid and binding.

The Centre provides settlement to issues in various areas like Family disputes, Consumer disputes, Rent issues, Property disputes, Cheque issues, Motor Accident cases etc. The Centre also provides training and awareness to the people about the benefits of ADR through various awareness camps and classes.

Mediation is a professional service the Mediator are trained to resolve issues and break dead locks. Mediation helps resolve differences between the parties and find a midway solution to which both parties agree. Since Mediation involves providing a solution to which both parties agree and is also within the boundaries of law the settlements and agreements are lasting. And hence Mediation is service which can bring relief to long aggrieved people from various kinds of disputes.

Mediation Services

Family Dispute

Family Disputes

Disputes involving family businesses and properties, wills and succession, matrimonial disputes including separation, divorce, child custody etc.

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Business Disputes

Disputes including breach of contract, non-payment of dues, insurance claims, commercial agreements such as lease and shareholder agreements etc.

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Business Dispute
Workplace Dispute

Workplace Disputes

Disputes relating to termination of employment, violation of non competing provisions, breach of employment contracts etc.

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